The 21-Tech initiative has allowed me as a Discovery Guide to push myself further on how much information I can process and share with each visitor I encounter.- Odis Garrett, Children’s Museum of Houston Discovery Guide
21-Tech is a bridge between our museum guides and the visitors in that it creates connections between educational concepts and the real world.- Shawn Waxali, Children’s Museum of Houston Discovery Guide
21-Tech has helped Discovery Guides engage visitors by extending their experience through the apps and applying it to the exhibits.- Ian Tibby, Children's Museum of Houston Discovery Guide
21-Tech is a way of ‘hiding the vegetables in the fruit’ where the kids do not realize they are learning, but instead having fun and being fed knowledge that intrigues their minds.- Lauren Bell, Children's Museum of Houston Discovery Guide
21-Tech provides a new outlet for our Discovery Guides to interact with the visitors in a way that further enhances their experience and makes the visit overall extra enjoyable.- Sylvia Garcia, Children's Museum of Houston Discovery Guide

Bills Coins Drills HD

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App Description: This app teaches kids from grades K-3 how to count, and aligns to common core education standards. It consists of a variety of multiple choice questions which involve counting pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and bills up to $100. The app consists of games that involve counting bills and coins, word problems, calculators, number conversions and drag and drop bills into a piggy bank. A cool feature of the app is that all the questions can be set up in the form of a timed quiz. You can set the time, the number of problems and the grade level of the kid. You can also choose questions based on the amount of dollar bills as well as a mixture of easy and difficult problems.

How We Use It: At the Children’s Museum of Houston, we use this app in the Kidtropolis, USA Bank area. There are no coins in KT banks, but only pretend currency bills. This app features US dollar bills besides coins which helps make content connections with the exhibit.

Most often our facilitators use this app as a training guide to “hire” bank tellers and managers. The children are asked to solve about 10 multiple choice questions based on their grade level, and presented with a report card at the end of each drill which displays the score, amount of time taken, grade level and a comment such as ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Well Done’. In addition, the report card also points out the TEKS covered in the drill. You can take a screenshot of this report card and email it to the child’s parents as a certificate for completing the Bank Teller employment certification 🙂

In addition, our facilitators use this app to teach the difference in currency values so that children understand how to sort the different bills in their appropriate slots. That way, when someone comes to deposit their Kidtropolis paycheck, the children can count and appropriately deposit the correct bills.

Museum RecommendingChildren’s Museum of Houston
Platform Used: iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Cost: $1.99
Link: Bills Coins Drills HD


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